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2015 Fort Custer Stampede


Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Race will be starting at Eagle Lake! Elite/Experts will be utilizing a combination of the red and green loops. The mileage will be about 13.5 per lap. Elite racers will do 3 laps, Expert racers will do 2 laps. Sport and Beginner will also use a combination of the Red and Green loops, but their race course will not be as long per lap as the Elite/Experts. Sports will do 2 laps and Beginners will do 1 lap. The mileage will be about 8.5.

The 2015 racecourse is designed to challenge your riding skills and yet bow toward safety in some areas. CAMEL HUMPS Expert and elite riders will ride the Camel Humps at a speed slow enough pass without incident. DEMON DROP All racers will bypass the Demon Drop. PUCKER GULLY All riders will bypass Pucker Gully drop-ins after riding around the Frog Pond. The 13.5 mile measure of elite expert laps included Sleepy Holler and Deliverance.  There will be plenty of opportunities for passing in the open sections between singletrack.  The course is fast rain or shine.  You will not find a finer mountain bike facility in the area!!!!





You are now able to join again as a member of the SWMMBA, we are now an IMBA Chapter. Many of you no longer have memberships through the MMBA, so if you were a previous member of ours please sign up again via the new membership. There are a number of different optoins available to chose from starting out at the basic which is $30 on up to $1,000 for Singletrack Society members.

Simply click the link and it will take you directly to our registration page were you are able to sign up.

Thanks again for your support!


SWMMBA acts as the primary trail developer for the Fort Custer State Recreation Area located in Augusta, MI. The Fort Custer Recreation Area currently has 18 miles of dedicated mountain bike trails, with 5 additional miles of multi-use trail. Future goals include increasing both membership and mountain bike trail mileage, working with land managers in partnership to achieve this goal, and building relationships with government and business organizations to inter-connect trail systems in the region.

TRAFx Counters

We have exciting news! The SWMMBA is now installing invisible counters that will assist us with keeping track of the number of mountain bike riders that visit our trail systems every day. This will assist us in gathering data about trail usage. It will assist us to better understand and manage our trails and can also be used when applying for grants and other funding as well as assist us with working with the DNR.

To learn more about the trail counters we use, please click this link.

Next Trail Day


SWMMBA Trail Day

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Meet at trailhead at 8:00 am

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Hat Sale

Fear not Hats are still available!! For the price of $20, you get a great beanie and $5 of that price will go towards our new trail building fund. You can also pick them up at Team Active.




Special Announcement


Markin Glen Park

As many of you have already heard we are working with the Kalamazoo Parks department to get mountain bike trails on Markin Glen Park!

We are in the fundraising mode now, so we need your help to raise funds to make this dream a reality!

Report Volunteer Hours


Report Volunteer Hours

It's very important to us for everyone to record their volunteer hours. Both trail work as well as administrative. So if you could please click this link and log your hours it would be greatly appreciated.

Report Your Hours


Markin Glen Update

Markin Glen Update NEW TRAIL APPROVED!!!!

Your SWMMBA leaders have been very hard at work, meeting with the Kalamazoo...

Markin Glen Master Plan Meeting

Markin Glen Master Plan Meeting, Aug. 27th KALAMAZOO COUNTY PARKS AND RECREATION:

Your SWMMBA leaders have been...


Attention Everyone - MSTAC/DNR Suervey   This is our opportunity to let our voices be heard! Please read the following...
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